Our mission - Never felt better

Our range of services is as diverse and versatile as the non-woven fabrics and wool felts themselves.

With our unique level of vertical integration and creative use of technology, we exploit the properties of these high-quality raw materials to the full. From production all the way through to finishing and making up, we cover all stages of work in-house.

Are you looking for a system solution, a customised product or fabrics? Then ask the FFF GROUP! Do you want to insulate, sound-proof, protect or filter? The FFF GROUP is the partner you can rely on! Do you need felts that are intelligent? We ensure that your product is flame-retardant, self-adhesive, stiffened, non-slip, hydrophilic and much more – all to suit your exact requirements.

Discover for yourself the possibilities that the FFF GROUP has to offer and why felt will be even better in the future than ever before. And particularly when it comes from one of our companies.